Cartography Lab

A Cartography Laboratory made by Ramiro Aznar

Lab Experiments

  • 🌎 When Geometry meets Geography

    For the last several months I have been gathering notes from different sources (life and professional experiences, books, discussions…) to structure a book about the complexities that the geospatial sector faces when trying to represent geography. When Alicia from Vizzuality invited me to give a talk was a perfect opportunity to convert the content I have been curating into real chapters.

  • ⭐ Star Tracker

    One month ago I gave my first NACIS (remote) talk called Star Tracker On: Coordinates Systems in Space. They were so fast and within a week, the video was already posted in their channel:

  • 🔊 Sounds

    This is going to be a short post. This morning I woke up with the feeling of trying something new. Listening to a recent podcast about the sound and the voice I came up with the idea of making a map for blind people. I found out that there is some research about routing or direction maps for people with limited vision or just blind, but what about thematic webmaps?

  • 🌐 Confluences

    Last week when reading Ken Jennings Maphead I discovered the Degree Confluence project (people visiting the latitude and longitude degree integer intersections). So this weekend, I spent some time investigating where these intersections are and which is the closest one to my current location using GeoPandas.

  • 📚 Books

    I am really into making lists. Lists for work tasks, shopping or even house duties. For the last months I have been reading cartography related books a lot. So there you have, my favorite books in a list.

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